Dr. Holly Richmond - Reclaiming Pleasure



// Creative Direction, Branding, Web & Mobile Design (Kajabi), Graphic Design, Photography, Copywriting, Motion Graphics (Canva), Video Editing, Retouching //


Motion Graphics include extra spacing for tagging purposes on Social Media.


DragonRoll Media


// Web & Mobile Design (Wix), Graphic Design, Copywriting //


Mal Harrison


// Branding, Web & Mobile Design (Wix), Graphic Design //


Dr. Holly Richmond

Somatic Psychologist, LMFT, Sex Therapist & Author of Reclaiming Pleasure

Kate's skills as a Creative Director are unparalleled. She brings a broad range of expertise to the table, and meets each challenge with thoughtfulness and creative aplomb. From website design to online course creation, video editing, set design and photography, she has a gift for showcasing the best in her clients. She is relatable, punctual and detail-oriented. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough.


Darin Reyes

Owner, DragonRoll Media

We've used Kate for many projects including web design on both of our websites, and copywriting for projects big and small, and she kills it every time! Happy to know whatever project we put in her hands will be done with excellence, highly recommend!


Mal Harrison

CRO, Center for Erotic Intelligence

What would I do without this brilliant strategist and creative guru? Yes, she's phenomenal at designing websites and is an artistic visual master. But more importantly, she's wonderful at listening to what you want, understanding it, and creating a vision beyond anything I or my team could have imagined. From branding to logos, tag lines, aesthetics, order, and structure, she's the best! More talent in her pinkie than most people have in their whole beings, I am forever grateful to have her on my side. Thank you for the great work, Kate!


Print & Product Work




Web Design


Video Editing