I created @ResurrectingShe when mental illness almost took my life - I wanted to use art to process and heal - to cut through the noise of our volatile minds and world.  


Because all of life is perpetual experience and processing, there is never a shortage of inspiration...and because mental health is an infinite continuum, our brains are never immaterial.

A few months after starting this journey in public, other warriors began reaching out to me - some for a friendly ear, and some for genuine help or advice.  After a swift kick in the pants from a good friend of mine (thanks, Beth) I decided to shift my focus from my design business and see where this artistic walk takes me.

I want to translate what's occurring in our brains and minds in to something we can perceive with the senses.  I don't want to just stir the emotions - I want to evoke empathy and usher healing with my work. 


I want to see others process, awaken, and know with all of their being that they were created on purpose.  My mission is to help people heal, and above all else, I want to bring some value to the noise.

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