People come to me for a lot of reasons...some examples:

  • They have a budget, but don't want to sacrifice the quality of their brand.

  • They have a creative project simmering and they need someone to translate ideas into something tangible.

  • Their creative project feels awkward and they can't figure out what went wrong.

  • Their business is having a hard time connecting with their audience and they aren't sure why.

  • They have it all figured out but they need someone to MAKE IT PRETTY or make their audience FEEL THE FEELS.

  • They're feeling creatively stuck.

Want some examples?  Check out my portfolio for some of my more recent work and client testimonials.

Creative Consulting & Direction

Design Consulting & Direction

Project Management

Web Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Art


Styled Stock Photography


Photo Manipulation

Short Video Editing

Creative Writing



I'm a cross-disciplinary creative with over 15 years of design experience and an eclectic body of work.   My heart is for clients who are on a budget, but don't want to sacrifice the quality of their brand.  I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, and taught myself how to do graphic and web design at a young age. 

Although I pride myself in being able to adapt to clients' various styles, my own personal design style is slightly moody.  I like to evoke genuine emotion with my work, bringing attention to the innate value of so much that we experience.

I prefer work with purpose. Work that serves. Work that sparks change.  Work that ignites.

Does that sound like your project?  Let's collaborate.

Together, maybe we can bring some value to the noise.